Embrace the AI opportunity today with a best practice implementation strategy

21st April 2021 | Virtual Summit

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Summit

World-class AI strategies to maximise Ireland’s growth, efficiency and accuracy

21st April 2021 | Virtual Summit

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Artificial Intelligence isn’t just a new set of tools. It is the new world and it’s everywhere! From automation to augmentation and beyond, AI is already starting to change everything.

Recent research suggests Artificial Intelligence will provide $15.7 trillion of global economic growth by 2030 and those who take the lead now will get the biggest share of that prize. With a highly established and respected AI and technology ecosystem already in place, predictions are that AI has the potential to completely transform and disrupt the Irish economy. In order to reap the benefits of this AI revolution, public and private sector leaders need to understand the different types of AI technology, how to implement them into their organisations, how to protect against AI’s threats and how AI will benefit society as a whole.

According to Science Foundation Ireland, “AI has the power to bring big changes to Ireland. It is an accelerator for innovation, and it can drive digital transformation for companies and other organisations. AI is also likely to shape the future of many jobs in Ireland as it can result in processes or tasks being automated, augment or enable the work we do and create new roles in the process”.

Importantly for 2021, in the face of a global pandemic, AI also presents an opportunity to fight Coronavirus, respond more quickly to a variety of other global crises and bring smarter and quicker decision making to international economies.

Despite all of the above, around half of Irish leaders say they do not fully understand AI’s impact and mention their inability to recruit sufficiently AI-skilled talent as a significant threat. Plus, with ethics, standards, GDPR, accessibility, trust, culture, equality and support all proving difficult to manage, delivering an effective AI strategy is a major challenge both in Ireland and abroad…

Now in its third successful year, Business Post LIVE & iQuest’s AI Summit returns in 2021 with an exciting and proven virtual format to capitalise on AI’s opportunities and mitigate its threats. With an Irish focus and a global attendance, this highly respected summit will challenge, motivate and inspire all those concerned with transformation and innovation strategy…

Topics will include:

  • Assessing AI’s impact on fighting coronavirus
  • Addressing the ethics challenges of AI and defining standards
  • Meeting EU regulations for AI
  • Increasing AI adoption in public and private sector organisations
  • Ensuring GDPR compliance and privacy in an AI context
  • Understanding where to start with AI and defining it
  • Getting your data strategy fit for purpose for AI
  • Ensuring acceptability of models
  • Evaluating which areas of society can benefit most from AI
  • Assessing how AI is being used for healthcare
  • Tackling cyber security with AI
  • Achieving trust towards AI
  • Achieving a deeper understanding of AI and how it improves decision making
  • Using AI to help recover economies
  • Evaluating the potential of National Language Processing
  • Making AI more transparent and explainable
  • Attracting, educating and developing talent to capitalise on AI
  • Creating the right culture to foster AI and manage change
  • Establishing best practices from new, successful AI implementations
  • Evaluating who is impacted by AI
  • Assessing how AI and robotics will impact the jobs and remote working  
  • Understanding the link between AI and IOT
  • Using the power of quantum computing to take AI to a new level
  • Predicting key AI trends and what it will look like by 2024
  • Fostering Ireland as a global AI leader and a magnet for AI talent

Those that should attend include:

  • CEO’s and Managing Directors
  • Innovation leaders
  • CIO’s and head of IT
  • Software developers and engineers
  • Heads of marketing
  • Leaders from AI solution providers
  • Consultants
  • Investors looking into AI markets and opportunities
  • HR leaders
  • Heads of research
  • Legal professionals

The Virtual Summit Experience

Log onto our state-of-the-art conference platform…

To adapt to the current environment and the growing demand for delegates to enjoy the conference experience in an online manner, The AI Summit 2021 will come to you as a virtual event.

While our delegates will join in from the comfort of their homes and offices across Ireland and around the world, the event itself will be broadcast live from our dedicated studio in Dublin. Many of our speakers and panellists will appear live on stage, while our international keynotes and participants will be video-conferenced in to join the conversation.

Delegates will have the opportunity to step into the unique virtual summit environment, which includes access to the main virtual conference stage for the full day, live speaker & panel Q&A sessions, a virtual exhibition hall, copies of presentations & content post-event, as well as the opportunity to network, connect and chat with fellow online attendees, speakers and partners in real time.

Virtual attendance will be easily facilitated by our specially customised conferencing platform and dedicated AV team.

Benefits of virtual attendance include:

  • Access to Virtual Main Stage for all keynotes, presentations and debates
  • Video content of the latest industry innovation
  • Opportunities to meet 100’s of attendees virtually, and set up meetings and conversations
  • Online virtual exhibition hall
  • Meet the industry using our matchmaking and profiling facilities
  • Copy of attendee list post-event
  • Copy of all presentations post-event


Some feedback from our previous IT events:

Jonathan Kidd

Bank of Ireland

“Great event. Great spread of topics and speakers. Strong moderation by the chairperson helped”

Sinéad Murnane

Innovation Value Institute

“Excellent panels and topics. Really interesting and engaging. Well done to all involved”

Colin Burns

H&K International

“Excellent overall with all levels of experience from start-up pit falls to compliance to functionality to backbone”

Ailish O’Donnell

Bord Na Móna

“Very high calibre of speakers and real life examples were very valuable”

Abhijit Sinha


“Good panel discussions which gave good perspective on challenges in AI in Ireland”
Mark Ward


“Very interesting for the most part. Long day and quite intensive”

David Cahill


​“Great venue and very good content”

Paula Cash

PBC Consulting

​“Very Worthwhile event”

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