Airopol – Air-Operated Cutlery Polishing System

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AirOPol Cutlery Polishers

AirOPol – The Revolutionary Air-Operated System that Integrates the Washing & Polishing of Cutlery into a Seamless Operation

  • An Innovative Solution that simplifies the Polishing of Cutlery
  • Eliminates Manual Feeding of current outdated Cutlery Polishers.
  • Eliminates the Vibrating Noise & high-pitch of Rattling Cutlery
  • Eliminates the Risk of Damage to Cutlery
  • Support Home Industry -The only Polisher Manufactured in Ireland
  • New Technology -The Only Non-Vibratory Cutlery Polisher available
  • Huge Savings on Labour, Energy & Polishing Granulate
  • Competitive Price. Huge Reduction on Risk of Breakdowns

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