We live for music.

It’s our pastime, our hobby and our raison d’etre. So naturally we have our fingers on the pulse of what’s on-trend in modern society. From what began 12 years ago DJing small private parties to headlining shows around the country and abroad, we have a unique understanding of what makes people tick that can only be gained by years of professional experience.

We’ve merged the worlds of musical creativity and technology to bring together what we believe to be the perfectly refined background music service. Our software is developed in-house so we can drive innovation in our product. We adapt and improve to best suit your needs and we know what works. We know how to make and deliver it to you in a beautifully simple and effective way.

Our mission is to complete your customer’s brand experience by linking their time at your venue with an emotion or feeling. Excitement, nostalgia, relaxation or “let’s get on the bar and dance”, we specialise in driving those special moments.

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