WeHaveChefs provide bespoke recruitment. We liaise with you to find the perfect chef to fit your needs.

We provide highly qualified and motivated chefs to restaurants, hotels, and gastro bars on 2 year, fixed term contracts. The chef is tied to you for the duration of their 2 year work permit. 2 years of guaranteed service, minimum.

Paddy Lynn (Founder & Ceo) managed one of Ireland’s busiest and most well respected restaurants in Dublin City, for a decade. He is based in Carlingford, Co Louth.

Rowan Lynn (Founder & Coo) served as Sous Chef to Kevin Thornton (who held 2 Michelin Stars). He spent a number of years in London; then opened a cooking academy in to Bangkok, where he now lives.

Our understanding of the service industry is considerable. We have identified a superb opportunity for ourselves and our clients to resolve a major employment issue in our industry and to enrich the culinary offering countrywide. The quality of candidates on our books is exceptional.

Rowan has amassed a substantial network of accomplished and passionate men and women who have worked in high paced environments throughout the World. They are all keen to make a fresh and potentially permanent move to Ireland; to transform their lives; and to explore an industry they have come to love.

As chefs are in high demand, the country must allow this demand to be met. The availability of quality Irish chefs is at an all time low, therefore chefs from abroad must fill this void. Our chefs can be on the ground within a matter of months allowing your business to confidently plan for the busy seasons ahead.

We complete all immigration steps, assist our clients in securing suitable accommodation, and prepare the chefs culturally for the move. We will maintain contact with them throughout their time in Ireland and take a long-term interest in their development.

We charge 20% of first year salary in a single one-off fee. The minimum salary threshold for incoming international chefs is €30k per annum, based on 39hrs per week, 52 weeks of the year (2028 hours per year). This is €14.79 per hour.

We offer these ranks:

  • Executive Chef
  • Head Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • Senior Chef de Partie
  • Chef de Partie 

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